24 October 2015
Tonight at 23:00 karateka from FKISA along with karateka all over the world will start with a 100 kata challenge in commemoration of International Karate Day.  Some may be nervous or even fear this – but this is a joyous event that challenges you – make the most of it.  Watch out for some photos and video on Facebook.

17 October 2015

Blue Rock dojo (Sir Lowries Pass Village) closed its doors for the last time.

14 October 2015

The last term has crept on us. Finally the “Sleepover” is scheduled for Friday 23 October, followed by the 100 Kata challenge for International Karate Day on 25 October.

The “Sleepover” will be at Gordon’s Bay Primary School on 23/10/2015 from 19:00 – 07:00 Saturday morning. Parents are welcome to accompany their children. The students can bring their sleeping bags and snacks as we all will be sleeping in the school hall. We will watch some karate movies, play some games and have fun.

If your child wishes to come for the movie and some games that is in also in order. The cost is R20 per person for the movie and games and R30 for the sleepover.

International Karate Day is on the 25th of October and to celebrate this, we will once gain participate in the 100 kata challenge. The idea is for dojos from all over the world to do one kata 100 times all starting at 6 Japan time, which will be 23:00 on 24 October in South Africa. We will do this at the dojo in 40 Ryger Street. Last year it took us 2 hours, so if you want to come you should be prepared to train from 23:00 – 01:30 Sunday morning. Please let me know before Friday, 16 October if you want to participate as I will have to register  all students for the challenge on the international website. We will be doing kata Shisome – the white belt kata.

Extra karate classes will be each Saturday from 09:00 – 10:00 for those students who wish to put in some extra time before the grading which will be on 7 and 8 December 2015 at the hone dojo (40 Ryger street).

This Saturday, 17 October, we will have beach training from 08:00 – 09:00 – weather permitting, in stead of the extra class at the dojo.

I will also let you know when we will have our prize giving once I have found a suitable venue.

The cost for the track suits for next year’s 50th Anniversary Competition in April is R365 for kids up to 13/14 years old and R450 for all adult sizes.

Kind regards

Sensei Birgitt